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Why city-dwellers do have time to exercise

Vigorously hurried days are commonplace in the city, and getting in a workout is often the last thing on our extensive to-do lists. But what if exercise wasn’t a line-item to check-off? What if exercise was the means of checking everything else off? Now, before you run away, (after all, that would also be exercise), let me assure you I don’t mean mini-workouts. This is not a guide for “15 Minutes to a Toned Abs.” Phew! Walk away from the spandex, and put on your favorite lived-in shoes.
I hate going to the gym. There, I said it. When did exercise and the gym become the same thing, anyway? I consider myself an active person because I love to walk everyday…home from work, to the grocery store, to the beach, to the park, to the bus stop to visit family, to restaurants, to the farmers market…everywhere. I even use words like ‘hiking’ to disguise the fact that I am walking (and maybe sweating) in my free-time. Being able to walk to all my essential daily destinations (work, grocery stores, etc) is one of the best things about living in a densely populated, cultural center. And guess what? Walking is a legitimate form of exercise! Incorporating movement into our daily routine is key to keeping us fit even when we are short on time.
With all the benefits of walking what able-bodied person does not have time to do it?

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