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Stop feeling helpless, start fighting climate change today

Maybe you’re here because you're frustrated with politicians and corporations for not taking action on climate change.

Maybe you’re here because you're worried about the future we are leaving for future generations.

Maybe you just want to look in the mirror, and feel that special pride for having done your part.

You've come here looking for answers. You've come to the right place.

We believe that every voice counts. Everyone can make a difference and together our small changes will have a huge impact in the fight against climate change.

Our mission is to empower you to fight climate change.

Today our site together with our blog (The Eco Guide) receives more than 50000 readers per month and that's growing fast. We’ve grown by providing people the information they need to stop global warming and save the Earth.

And we've done it all:

  • Without aggressive requests for donations
  • Without corporate sponsors
  • Without any advertisements

Every tip we’ve released was made based on solid research about what changes can really have an impact, as well as having a strict focus on simplicity and the practical needs of our members. What's Your Impact volunteers have helped teach our members how to make simple changes that have added up to making a big difference against climate change.

What to expect

What's Your Impact brings you simple tips every month to help you in your quest to help protect the environment. Our goal is to show you that your actions can make a difference and that together we can fight climate change.

Not only that but our tips can also help you improve your health and well being as well as save you money.

We focus on providing information and tools to help people recognize their impact and encourage them to take action. This includes a variety of educational materials about climate change, greenhouse gases, global warming, carbon footprints as well as solutions to global warming and how to help save the planet.

Imagine looking in the mirror and feeling proud of yourself because you are:

  • Part of a team that is bringing about real change
  • Helping to provide a safe future for the generations to come
  • Doing your part to help the planet

Save the Earth: Together we can make a difference, let us show you how

What can you expect with a free What's Your Impact membership?

  • Proven actions you can take yourself easily
  • No drastic changes to your lifestyle
  • Measurable reductions to your carbon footprint
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Our pledge to you

Our intention was to do something to help protect the environment.

To do our part.

We started by talking about our experiences trying to be more eco-friendly.

We all made mistakes while trying things, so talking about what worked and what didn't was important.

It took tons of trial and error but the more we talked, the more we saw that together we could make a difference.

Slowly, we created a fun and interactive community where people could ask questions and share their ideas. A community full of like minded people who want to save the world.

Our goal was to spark the motivation in people to take these tips out into the real world. Together we would be the proof that small changes can have huge impacts.

Out of these ideas of raising awareness and collective action, What's Your Impact was born.

What's Your Impact is a registered non-profit organization that is based in Montreal, Canada. Our efforts are concentrated on creating awareness about climate change and how everyone can help fight it.

Since June 2007, What's Your Impact has been teaching people how they can fight climate change with simple everyday actions. Concrete and direct actions that you can take with your own two hands. Not by signing petitions or making donations and hoping for the best.

Over the years, our research expanded to get a better understanding of the causes and effects of climate change. All efforts were supported 100% by our volunteers who would squeeze in research time after work, on weekends or whenever else they could.

Everyone can make a difference and together our small changes will have a huge impact

If you’re interested in learning how you can start taking concrete actions to fight climate change, sign up and we'll send you free updates today!

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WYI has 3 main goals:

  1. Facilitating access to information on climate change and solutions to help fight it.
  2. Find and apply new solutions to global warming that are green yet practical.
  3. Catalyze people to start taking or to take bigger steps in helping the environment.

Environmental consciousness has to be actively built, and we strive to provide educational institutions, businesses, governmental organizations and most importantly regular citizens with the needed material to make informed choices on how they can help fight climate change and global warming.

WYI exists to encourage personal action. We offer concrete and simple ways on how to fight climate change, making it easy for everyone to take little steps. With new articles shared regularly, we're helping our community to become a little bit more green step by step. All while making it easy and fun.

The power of leaving a better life for both present and future generations is in our hands, right here and right now. The more of us there are to take little steps to protect our environment the less harm there will be to the planet. And by uniting, we can even lean on industries and governmental bodies to get active as well.

Donation use

As a non-profit organization, we rely on your financial support. Donations to WYI are used for our programs, information materials and public engagement as well as necessary overhead costs like accounting, legal and administration. Your donations are used in majority to:

  1. Increase public awareness.
  2. Inform people about current scientific and political developments.
  3. Teach people how to reduce their individual impact.
  4. To shape popular opinion to drive real change.

You will save the Earth by sharing and/or tweeting (corny right?)

Join us!

Now everyone can fight climate change. Together our small changes will have a huge impact. Join our community today and get free updates on how you can fight climate change everyday!

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