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Fight climate change: Use our 5 easy tips

Through our everyday actions we are all having a direct impact on climate change. But how can we stop climate change and reduce our impact? The scientific research proving the reality of climate change is overwhelming and the consensus of scientists worldwide that climate change is really happening should make you ask yourself the following questions:

How can I fight climate change? What can I do?

Here is a list of 5 easy things you can do to reduce your impact on climate change in a significant way. Click on them to learn how to reduce your emissions everyday. Small changes can have a huge impact.


As discussed on this site the use of fossil fuels is the main way we are creating emissions for 3 of the 4 types of greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Whether the emissions were caused at the point of extraction from the ground, during refinement, distribution or when it is finally burnt doesn't matter, when you use either fossil fuels or fossil fuel energy you create emissions for 3 greenhouse gases at once.

So how do we use fossil fuels?

  • When we transport either goods or people, whether it's by car, boat, plane or train, 99% of the time the fuels used to drive these machines are fossil fuel based (i.e. petroleum based).
  • The electricity that we use at home and at work is mostly generated by the burning of fossil fuels. This is the case for most of the industrialized nations of the world.
  • The industrial manufacturing of things like paper, food, petroleum, chemicals, and thousands of other products uses fossil fuels in 2 ways:
    1) By directly using fossil fuels to create heat and steam needed at the various stages of production.
    2) Since they use more electricity than any other sector, they create emissions through the use of electricity (generated from fossil fuels).

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Join us!

Now everyone can fight climate change. Together our small changes will have a huge impact. Join our community today and get free updates on how you can fight climate change everyday!

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