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Meatless Monday: Your guide to healthy + easy vegetarian meals

You've thought of doing Meatless Monday. Who doesn't want to feel healthier and loose a bit of weight? But Mondays are complicated. Are there any easy vegetarian meals that you can put together even when you get home late? Plus it's hard enough finding the time to make a decent dinner but now it's veggies only? Are these healthy vegetarian meals going to be boring or worse, taste like green mush?

Monday is not exactly the most convenient day to start learning a whole bunch of new recipes, so if it's too complicated forget about it.

And the food has to taste great. Eating healthy is nice but taste comes first. So it can’t be just a bowl of lettuce and tomatoes.

Not to worry, the recipes below have all of this in mind. Delicious options that are easy to prepare and can be done in 15 minutes or less.

No weird ingredients and they won’t leave you hangry in an hour, we pinky promise.

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