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Global warming solutions: Greener lawns with these 2 simple tips

There are many solutions to global warming and reducing one's carbon footprint but what can homeowners do for their lawns? How can you have a "greener" lawn? There are really two main steps you can take to decrease the carbon emissions of your lawn: reduce its size and transition from a gas-powered mower to an electric or reel mower.
Instead of continuing in the same direction, here are a few things that can be done to minimize the impact.
Solutions to global warming: Reduce the size of your lawn
In regards to the first step, you can partition off an area of your lawn that can be transitioned into a garden, where you can grow your own food. Alternatively, you could transition your turf to other native or ornamental grasses such as moss, creeping charlie, and thyme; if you want even better options, you could plant low water ground covers such as anemone and stonecrop. If those sorts of plants are not something you would want in your yard, you could plant different kinds of shrubs and trees. The possibilities are really infinite when you open yourself up to the possibility of other options, which may initially seem unconventional, but once you see a change from the uniform manicured lawn to a landscaped yard that fits your style, it is completely worth it.

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