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Pacific garbage patch: 6 effortless ways you can make a difference

The Great Pacific garbage patch is caused by marine debris – the human-made waste that ends up in the ocean. The animals and plants living in the ocean are increasingly more threatened by our waste. Most of this waste (around 60 percent) is estimated to be plastic, but also includes Styrofoam, synthetics, metal, foam and glass. These are not biodegradable materials, and as such remain and cause problems both for the species living in the ocean and the humans who live alongside them. The result is a serious amount of pollution which is very difficult to clean. However, thankfully, there are easy ways to help reduce your own impact and make a difference.
Pacific garbage patch: What can I do?
Even though the issue of marine debris is obviously an ongoing effort, changing behaviors is an important part of addressing the problem. There are small changes anyone can make to reduce their impact:

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