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CFL vs LED: The Energy Saving Light Bulb Debate is Over

One of your bulbs just broke or burned out. You want to get an energy saving light bulb but which type lasts the longest all while giving you the best quality light? And more importantly, which will put the most money back in your wallet? Choosing an energy efficient light bulb is a lot easier now because the old CFL vs LED debate is over.

LEDs are better than all other types of light bulbs because they:

  • Last the longest

  • Produce great quality light

  • Save you the most money

If these bulbs are the best then they must be pricey right?


For $2-$4 you can find a wide range of LEDs, so it’s much easier to upgrade your lighting.

Before LEDs used to cost $20 or more each. The bulbs would pay for themselves eventually by cutting your electricity bill but for most people they were just too expensive to try out.

Now that they cost almost the same as CFLs, it's a great time to make the switch. In fact, with LED bulb prices so low they will pay for themselves in a few months, basically making them free.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to cut your energy bills is to change a few of your light bulbs to LEDs.

By simply changing one of your incandescent bulbs to LED you will save at least $52 in electricity costs before it burns out.

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