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Books vs ebooks: Protect the environment with this simple decision

When talking about the books vs ebooks debate, often you'll hear people talk about how ebooks and ereaders help protect the environment. But let's do the math and see what are the advantages of ebooks over traditional books.
Technology plays an incredibly important role in our day-to-day lives. After all, many of us rely on computers, tablets, and phones for everyday activities like perusing emails, sending texts, and checking the weather. Recently, even the activity of reading has become increasingly digitalized with the introduction of e-readers. Though Amazon’s Kindle is certainly the most famous, there are a host of other companies that produce them as well- such as Barnes and Noble’s Nook. Though at first glance this may seem like an ideal way to reduce CO2 emissions and save our forests, there are a variety of factors to consider that make the choice of switching to e-reader technology a more difficult one than it might initially appear; there can be no doubt that the manufacturing, use, and disposal of these devices has an affect on our environment.

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