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Protect the environment: Keep those pipes piping hot

By insulating some of the pipes in your hot water heating system, you can save money and protect the environment through the same do-it-yourself household improvement.
If you are a conscious home-owner or just plain environmentally conscious the benefits of insulating your hot water heater pipes are many.
Best of all this do-it-yourself home projects doesn't take much time or money, and gladly doesn't require a deep rooted knowledge in plumbing.
Some questions you may be asking at this point are:

  • What’s the money situation?
    • The startup cost is roughly $20-$30. This is just the cost of supplies and you can even shop around for the best deals at your local hardware stores.
    • On average many households have their investment fully returned in 2-3 years depending on usage. For a home owner this is no time at all!
    • On average insulating your pipes can save you $10 annually on your heating bill.
  • Ok this helps to protect the environment but how much CO2 can I save?
    • By insulating your pipes it is estimated you are able to save and average of 46kg of CO2 per year.
  • How much energy can I save?

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