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Benefits of public transportation: Calling all Montréal commuters

Urban transit first came to Montréal in 1861, when the Montréal City Passenger Railway Company (MCPRC) was created and the first line of horse-drawn tramways began to operate on today’s Notre-Dame Street. At five-cents a ride, taking advantage of the 10 km network was something that only the elite could afford. The population of the Greater Montréal area is now (as of 2011) 3.8 million, more than half of which can be found on the Island of Montréal. Not surprisingly, the only horse-drawn carriages that Montréalers see on a regular basis are those favoured by tourists wishing to fully experience Old Montréal. Today it is much more common to see roads congested with cars, transporting drivers no doubt angered by the seemingly constant construction work that turns streets into dangerous obstacle courses.

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