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Téo Taxi: An Electric Revolution for Montreal's Taxis

If you reside in the city of Montreal, you may have noticed those intriguing green and white cars from Téo taxi driving up and down the metropolitan area. It is with excitement that business man Alexandre Taillefer’s new Téo Taxi project has come to life. Téo stands for Transport Écologique Optimisé, or Optimized Green Transportation, fitting the main purpose of the business venture. The idea is originally created in order to present an ecological alternative to taxis, and provide a better working climate in the industry. Since then, Téo Taxi has become an innovative concept that contributes to Montreal’s environment, in future reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG). In fact, the company provides taxi services aboard 100% electric cars. Those currently include three models, such as:

  • Kia Soul
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Tesla

As of November 2015, 50 cars have been circulating for trials. Since most of used electric cars have an autonomy range from 150km to 400km (for tesla), only the central area of the city benefits from Téo’s services at the moment. The following image shows the zones in which you can enjoy a Téo Taxi.

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