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New Year’s Resolution: Buying Local! So easy to do in Florida...

More and more consumers are realizing that it does not make sense buying produce that comes from thousands of miles away, only to find out that it does not taste as good as it looks. From chefs to school districts, the buy local mentality is finally sinking in. Restaurants are starting to source their meat and produce from local farmers, improving the quality of the food they provide while supporting local economy. This movement is known as farm-to-table. School districts around the country are also adopting programs that put emphasis on local sourcing through their farm-to-school programs. Fortunately for the environment, this saves thousands of miles of travel each year, which means less fuel consumption, and less harm to the environment.
My new year’s resolution is to find ways to increase my “buy local” efforts and contribute to the cause of climate change. After some research, I found that making a few changes to my buying patterns may not only help the environment, but also improve the way my food tastes and my overall health and well-being, while supporting the local economy. Here are four ways we can all make 2015 an environmentally significant year:

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