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Shopping Your Local Farmers Market Can Be Healthy For the Earth Too

Going to a local farmers’ market can be great for many reasons. First it is a great way to support local farms and small businesses, since most farmers’ markets today are a myriad of food and craft vendors.  Shopping at farmers’ markets means fresh food, and consequently eating healthy meals. But buying food at your local farm stand can also mean less waste- food waste, packaging, and energy- if you are willing to contribute. Here are some simple ways for you to feed you, your family and friends healthy meals while reducing your carbon footprint.
Walking among aisles of vibrantly colored food, smelling the aromas of sweet fruit, and herbs mixed with fresh dirt makes you feel like you might be in a giant Beatrix Potter book, walking amidst Mr. McGregor’s precious plants. The freshly harvested selections can inspire your next delicious meal. If you frequent your local market it is easy to meet the farmers themselves, or people who work closely with the producing farm. They are friendly people who will freely offer advice about how to pick veggies, which fresh food will be available shortly and even recipes, or ideas on what to do with your purchases!

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