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What are the benefits of farmer harvest share programs?

Joining a harvest share program is a wonderful way to buy local and help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. A commitment to community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a commitment to local food diversity and sustainable farming practices, as well as to eating fresh, wholesome, delicious food.
With a CSA harvest share program, you pay in and then, during the season, receive a bounty of handpicked produce on a regular basis—usually once or twice a week—thus helping to provide the farmer with funding to engage in more labor-intensive small-scale farming that’s healthier for the environment and healthier for you.
The Benefits of CSA Harvest-Sharing
>A better economic model
Offering a community-strengthening economic model that allows growers and consumers to share the risks and the benefits of food production, CSAs are a viable alternative to corporate agribusiness, whose short-term shareholder profits come at the long-term expense of everyone else, along with the health of the planet. You’ll note that there is some risk involved. However, by taking on a small share of the risk, you are mitigating the stress on the farmers and gaining awareness of the processes that go into the food you consume.
>Healthier food

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