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The many benefits of car-sharing and carpooling

Given the rising price of public transport across the globe, the cheaper alternative car-sharing, is not just financially beneficial…
Carsharing; the new-generation, more responsible version of hitchhiking, is no longer just for those who ‘need a lift’ to the nearest music festival.
Ownership of a car used to be the ultimate symbol of freedom and independence however, due to rising fuel prices and expensive maintenance costs, it is increasingly viewed as both costly and a burden. We have, however become dependent on our personal little petrol guzzlers; the sight of one person per car doing the daily commute is now a norm. Companies such as Blablacar, and Zipcar have therefore seized the opportunity to offer drivers and passengers an online regulated platform to organize lifts; enabling drivers to retain their independence and share the cost of petrol whilst proving extremely favourable for the environment.

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