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Is Everyone on the Same Page with Climate Change?

We all know there is merit in having different opinions and ideas, but is climate change really something to disagree over? For any important issue I think it's essential everyone is at least on the same page. Yet, while only 56% of Canadians hold the belief climate change is a product of human activity1, perhaps the most significant support a person can give is to be aware of our changing climate. And as the pragmatic scientists of our age gaze with wide eyes at our civilization as it continues to increase its debt to the planet smoke plume after smoke plume, it entices me to wonder, “Why is it so difficult to convey the credibility of this established scientific theory?”
The Wrong Focus?
In my experience, the majority of the everyday argument on climate change is focused on statistics. I’m sure anyone who has taken notice has seen statistics on how temperatures of the earth’s surface and oceans are slowly increasing. Though statistics are easy to present, the natural fluctuations in the records can make it seem as if there may be ambiguity from the scientific community in interpreting the data. This is because statistics alone bypass the 'why' behind the trends. This absence of the 'why' is something that can create confusion among skeptics.

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