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Laneway houses and other repurposing ideas coming to your city soon - The Laneway Project

With over 250 miles of laneways criss-crossing the city of Toronto, the repurposing and regeneration of these spaces is seen by many as an important step to creating a greener and more connected city. One of the individuals helping to make this happen is Michelle Senayah, Co-Founder and Director of The Laneway Project. As part of a team of passionate city builders with expertise in planning, urban design, communications and research, alongside community engagement and public policy, Michelle is working towards fundamentally changing Toronto’s relationship with its laneways. Their goal is to change the way that Toronto designs, uses and regulates its laneways so that they become a fully utilised part of the urban landscape.
Firstly, coming from a team with such a varied range of fields and design backgrounds, what made you focus in on laneways?

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