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100In1Day Toronto: 100 small scale initiatives with a huge impact

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lhazin Nedup, Project Manager at Evergreen Cityworks, Toronto. Focusing on how we plan and design our cities to transform the way we live,
and reducing the environmental impact of urban areas on a large scale, Evergreen CityWorks influences decision makers towards effective policy change in key city building areas like housing and transportation. It also engages citizens to take action.Amongst Evergreen’s many projects, Lhazin is currently heading up the 100In1Day initiative for Toronto, as part of an international festival of mass urban intervention set for June 4th in partnership with United Way Toronto York Region in Toronto. .
First things first, what is the 100In1Day festival?
The initial goal for 100In1Day was to have 100 small scale initiatives run by the citizens, each being a projection of the creator's dream for the future of the city.
What led Evergreen to partner with 100In1Day?

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