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Drive less

Calling all Montréal commuters – let’s make the switch to public transport!

Urban transit first came to Montréal in 1861, when the Montréal City Passenger Railway Company (MCPRC) was created and the first line of horse-drawn tramways began to operate on today’s Notre-Dame Street. At five-cents a ride, taking advantage of the 10 km network was something that only the elite could afford. The population of the Greater Montréal area is now (as of 2011) 3.8 million, more than half of which can be found on the Island of Montréal. Not surprisingly, the only horse-drawn carriages that Montréalers see on a regular basis are those favoured by tourists wishing to fully experience Old Montréal.

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One Trip, One List

Do you have a cell phone ? I think at this point, EVERYONE has a cell phone which they keep attached to them. One of the many great features of a cell phone is the notepad; you can use the notepad as a shopping list. If you have not started using your notepad as a shopping list, START TODAY !!! Most people are attached to their cell phones so when you think of something you need you can easily write it down. If we keep one big shopping list and pick ONE DAY in the week to do our errands it will help the environment.

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Myth Busting – Winter Vehicle Idling

Cold temperatures have been experienced across the country and it is safe to say that winter is in full swing. For those of you who drive in the winter, now is the dreaded time of year where you have to battle the cold to scrape off your windshield or possibly shovel your vehicle out of a snowdrift. Another thought that may cross your mind is making sure you have a remote car start, or making a plan to run out in the cold 20 minutes before you leave to let your car warm up. Although vehicle idling is a common practice in the winter months, it is actually unnecessary and results in increased fuel consumption and GHG emissions. It is time to bust the myth of winter vehicle idling.

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The many benefits of car-sharing and carpooling

Given the rising price of public transport across the globe, the cheaper alternative car-sharing, is not just financially beneficial…
Carsharing; the new-generation, more responsible version of hitchhiking, is no longer just for those who ‘need a lift’ to the nearest music festival.

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Can't break up with your car? Me neither... Join me and let’s all sell our cars!

If you meet me on the street and ask me my opinion of cars I would say it is a necessary evil in certain situations. In rural living, it is one of the most important tools you can have. However, in the city there is very little reason to have a car, especially with the increasing number of car sharing options popping up. If you caught me on a bad day I may even go on a diatribe about the car as a status symbol and our being manipulated by advertising and social expectations to own a car. On the other hand I am the the very car owner/city dweller I rail against. This is one of my many hypocrisies.

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The quickest and easiest things we could change to start reducing our carbon footprint in 2015

Green New Years resolutions can be significant.  Here is how my family goes about it.  First my husband and I have to agree on the goal.  Since we are a household, it does no good if I say that we are going to stop using paper towels when my husband will just go and buy more. If it is something that needs to be accomplished together then it’s time to call a family meeting.  Once we all agreed on a goal we make sure it is not so big that we never get around to it.  So let's say my goal is to reduce the household carbon footprint by 20%.  On first look, I don't even know what that means, let alone how to go about doing it, this goal needs to be scaled back in doable steps.  In January, my goal might be to list the quickest, easiest things we can change.

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Meal Planning: A weekly resolution that will save gas, time, and money in 2015

January is supposed to be the start of a new year, and new resolutions, but while resolutions can span from planning to lose weight to traveling the world, most people probably can’t remember what they promised themselves the previous year. Whether this is due to extravagant and unattainable resolutions or the inability to remember to actually complete the resolution, this fact holds true: agenda companies and secretaries exist for a reason, and that reason is that most people do not like to plan. For those who think ahead, there is a resolution that you can make for 2015 that will also reduce your carbon footprint without any extra work. Even for those who don’t seem to have a grasp on planning, taking ten minutes out of a week to think ahead and meal plan can make a difference.

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