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Can't break up with your car? Me neither... Join me and let’s all sell our cars!

If you meet me on the street and ask me my opinion of cars I would say it is a necessary evil in certain situations. In rural living, it is one of the most important tools you can have. However, in the city there is very little reason to have a car, especially with the increasing number of car sharing options popping up. If you caught me on a bad day I may even go on a diatribe about the car as a status symbol and our being manipulated by advertising and social expectations to own a car. On the other hand I am the the very car owner/city dweller I rail against. This is one of my many hypocrisies.
Owning a car can be an incredibly difficult issue to deal with when addressing sustainability. It has become seemingly essential to so many aspects of our modern life that to those of us that own a car it is almost unimaginable how we would do so many of our day to day things without it. When I was 16 getting my license was the most important thing to me. I grew up in Ontario and got my G1 on my birthday and 8 months later I got my G2. My license was so important because suddenly I could go places without hitching a ride from my parents of siblings - I grew up in the country and there was no other way of getting to town.

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