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Now is Still a Great Time to Make a Green New Year’s Resolutions

It is known that New Year´s resolutions are common and also ancient customs. Civilizations, like the Babylonian, and the Roman, for example made promises to their gods at the start of each year. Unfortunately we don’t have details of people’s promises to their gods going back to the middle ages. However, according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute of the Scranton University, Pennsylvania, USi, when it comes to our civilization the Top 10 Resolutions for 2014 were about individual accomplishments such as to lose weight, to stay fit and healthy, to spend less and or to save more.

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More Reusable, More Local! My Green New Year's Resolutions

Over the years, I’ve created, and broken, my fair share of resolutions. Many of these had to do with my personal well-being; lose weight, be more sociable, as well as live a healthier and more active lifestyle. The usual resolutions.
This year I wanted to change it up. I still have my typical resolutions, but I also have resolutions to help me achieve a greener and more eco-friendly lifestyle. By (hopefully) sticking to these resolutions and achieving these goals, I can make a permanent change to my lifestyle, one that will not affect me, but the world around me as well. While these 3 resolutions may seem like simple, minor tasks, I feel as though by committing myself to these, I can make my own impact, big or small.
No More Plastic Bags

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Liquid vs. Bar Soap, which is more environmentally friendly?

I recently made the decision to switch from liquid soap to bar soap for personal washing. I was pretty sure bar soap would be more environmentally friendly than liquid soap in plastic bottles. My online research confirmed my hunch but also brought to light another issue that I hadn't even considered.

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