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Art’s Growing Relationship with the Environment

Today, we are facing a serious global challenge wherein everyone should be aware of climate change. It affects you, me, our loved ones and the future generations. We only have one planet to live in, one home, which caters all our needs. Certainly, it is a privilege to be in an environment accurately conducive to live in; thus it should not be taken for granted.
Do you realize that it starts with you? The more we go about our daily lives trying to compensate for the damages brought about by the greediness and ignorance of mankind, the more lives we save! If you believe we have the responsibility to protect our home, share it to people. With being aware, we learn and start participating in protecting the environment at the expense of gradually changing our daily activities. One of the simplest ways to fight climate change is to start raising awareness about the global issue. Raising awareness will influence other people in choosing to protect and love the earth.
The big question is how. “How do we raise awareness about climate change? How do we capture the hearts of people to help protect and love the earth?"

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