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Which TV to buy? An energy star certified TV

Buying a new TV is more complicated than it used to be. Which TV to buy? We all want to take advantage of better picture quality, we are all buying on a budget, and we are all trying to save on energy costs.

TV’s account for about 3% to 4% of home electrical usage in the average home says the Berkley Lab Report. To ensure you stay on the lower end of TV energy consumption, Energy Star rated Televisions are the way to go. “ENERGY STAR certified televisions are on average 25% more energy efficient than their conventional counterparts, “ says the website.

Take an LCD/LED 50’ television. Its averages cost to operate and carbon foot print for the year are fairly low.

Dollar per Year

$13.56 / year

*KwH per Year

107 KwH / year

**CO2 per Year

131lbs CO2 / year

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