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A Sustainable Valentine's Day for Everyone

Valentine’s Day evokes a combination of opinions, emotions and conflict normally saved for religion, politics and banking. While there are those that spend weeks planning a perfect day for their loved one, there are just as many, if not more that huddle up as couples hiding from the balloons, cupids and PDA gone rampant; of course there is also the group that is ostracized for being single on a day of coupling.
So here I endeavour to give you the sustainability guide to Valentine’s Day for those haters, lovers and proud single people. For everyone, there are ideas of a few things you can do to make your Valentine’s Day as sustainable and special as possible. Let’s look at those three big categories of expectation on Valentines: food, gifts and a romantic outing. Of course you may have some other plans, but I will leave it to you to manage those.
Food: A delicious romantic meal is a mainstay of Valentine’s planning. When it comes to sustainability and sentimentality, I will always argue for a home cooked meal. Finding local foods is a little tricky at this time of year but, if you’ve made some conserves, this is the time to use them, plus many local grocery stores carry a variety of organic produce.

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