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Scotland: An Unexpected Hub for Sustainable Fashion

Paris, Milan, London, New York and … Glasgow? Scotland is emerging as a center for fashion. And Scotland is possibly our new favorite fashion destination because it is not at the cutting edge of just any type of fashion, but sustainable fashion!
On November 20th, during the Scottish Textile Symposium in Glasgow, a catalyst for sustainable fashion production was unveiled. Zero Waste Scotland, an environmental nonprofit funded partially by the Scottish government, announced the creation of the Circular Economy Textile and Apparel Grant Fund. Through this fund, sustainable fashion designers can apply for grants of £5,000 as well as mentoring from an “industry expert” to propel their ecological fashion efforts. The first grant awards were distributed in December 2014.
Scotland’s Circular Economy Textile and Apparel Grant Fund is looking to promote two concepts among its award recipients which are considered crucial to cutting down on apparel waste: zero waste pattern design and closed loop textile production.

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