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How To Reduce Electric Consumption? Unplug it!

One of the important steps in combating climate change is reducing our electric consumption. Reducing power consumption should strive to reduce devices energy use or simply reduce the time items are consuming electricity ( Floyd and Webber 1998, 1.97). The good news is using less electricity might be much easier than you think.
It is well known that large devices such as refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers use substantial amounts of electricity. What about your computer, even if it is in standby mode? How about the charger for your tablet ? Perhaps your cell phone, does it use substantial electricity while you leave it plugged in for the night ? Or do you leave the charger plugged into the outlet while not using it ? If you leave devices plugged in while not using them, or leave a device such as a computer in standby mode or sleep mode, do they still consume significant electricity? The answer is yes.

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