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Home is Where the Carbon Isn’t

Since Al Gores’ An Inconvenient Truth made its debut in 2006, the move towards a sustainable way of living has become a widespread phenomenon, penetrating the ethos of individuals and communities. Even before the turn of the twenty-first century, many non-for-profit organizations, environmental coalitions and the like, have been spreading the word about climate change and the associated effects humans are causing to planet earth, especially as it relates to carbon remittance.
We’ve all heard the benefits of reducing our individual carbon footprint. Whether it’s taking shorter showers, buying locally grown and produced goods or electing to take public transit, the signs that a much needed shift towards a sustainable way of living are imminent. This is because our lifestyles dictate a lot of how much we, as consumers, contribute to climate change. In response to this growing concern, many people across the country have opted to make the choice towards a more sustainable way of living. For some individuals, it has prompted them to make a truly grass roots change from the ground up and invest in an eco-friendly home.

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