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Greener lawns: Fight climate change with this simple tip

With Memorial Day having just passed, many Americans came together with their family and friends to remember the great men and women who died protecting our nation; this day also arrives at the perfect time to celebrate the coming of the summer season. Gatherings on this weekend typically take place at someone's home—you know the one: large two-story house with a fenced-in yard and an extraordinarily verdant lawn the shade of a ripe lime; on this turf, good times are shared by all. Tables and chairs are set up neatly in certain areas near the grill; here, people will enjoy great conversation and equally wonderful food. No one will wonder, not even during croquet or cornhole, about the green blades beneath their feet. However, it may be time to start thinking about the consequences of our manicured lawns. With the surmounting problem of global warming, the ways in which we maintain our traditional lawns needs to change.
One of the most essential preparations before any outdoor social affair is to beautify your property by tending to the landscape, which means mowing, watering, and fertilizing the yard until it is that perfect shade of turf-green. In addition to those three tasks, you may also utilize weed-killer and pesticides to preserve that perfection. But how many of you actually enjoy spending time on maintaining your lawn?

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