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Cities around the world aiming to go 100% renewable – let’s support the transition!

A number of environmental milestones including the Paris 2015 climate deal have officially placed climate action on the global agenda. In addition to the green initiatives governments worldwide are implementing, we’re seeing a new trend in progressive urban planning. Municipalities across the globe are reconfiguring their transportation and energy sectors, committing to 100% renewable energy targets in an effort to secure a more sustainable future. To date, 55 cities, totaling more than 54.9 million people are committing to a cleaner, more socially responsible way of living by transitioning to 100% renewable energy in at least one sector.
With solar becoming the fastest growing source of renewable energy worldwide, and wind energy and biofuel also gaining momentum, experts predict that by 2020, 26 percent of the world’s energy will be generated by renewable sources!
So who can we look to for inspiration on achieving this global transition towards a 100% clean energy future?

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