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The Next Big Step, How do we Green the Green Economy?

Since the Paris Climate Summit in November of 2015 there has been quite a bit of conversation as to what the next big step is. We want to do something about climate change and 175 countries have signed the Paris Agreement, but now that the promises have been made, we have to begin to fulfill them. The next steps include addressing our economy as a part of our efforts to tackle climate change- but with such a big task ahead of us, where do we go from here and what role do we have to play?

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Composting and buying local in the winter, is that even possible?

March can be a ruthless month in Canada. Days are short, ice is everywhere, and sometimes even when there are hints of spring, there seems to be a sudden flash blizzard with no warning. Dreaming about the sun and fresh air is a daily activity and warm weather just doesn’t seem close enough. Some say the best way to fight the winter blues is to get cozy inside with some comfort food.

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Cooking or Baking for the Holidays? Buy Local !

It is the holiday season and that means ALOT of eating. If you are baking and cooking for the holiday season, buy local groceries ! There are MANY benefits to buying local groceries. In this article I explore the drawbacks of not buying local groceries then I go into the many benefits of buying local groceries and then I share some grocery stores which carry local groceries.

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Home-grown vegetables in a self-sufficient system? Aquaponics!

Have you ever wanted to grow vegetables/herbs in your home without needing to add fertilizers? Then the answer is aquaponics! I discovered this cool little set-up while having a coffee in my local organic co-op. Being a lover of both plants and fish, I was immediately drawn to the fish tank situated under a vegetable bed in the corner of this quaint café . After inquiring with the shopowner, he informed me it was an aquaponics set-up. Immediately smitten, the DIY-er in me jumped for joy and as soon as returning home I started researching everything on how to begin my own.
So what is it?

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Shopping Your Local Farmers Market Can Be Healthy For the Earth Too

Going to a local farmers’ market can be great for many reasons. First it is a great way to support local farms and small businesses, since most farmers’ markets today are a myriad of food and craft vendors.  Shopping at farmers’ markets means fresh food, and consequently eating healthy meals. But buying food at your local farm stand can also mean less waste- food waste, packaging, and energy- if you are willing to contribute. Here are some simple ways for you to feed you, your family and friends healthy meals while reducing your carbon footprint.

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What's the environmental impact of growing your own food?

Buying locally grown food is a great way to minimize your environmental impact, and growing your own food takes that idea one step further. You might be surprised by the effect even a small vegetable garden can have on your carbon footprint. Here’s a simple calculation to show just how much energy you might be able save with your garden.

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What are the benefits of farmer harvest share programs?

Joining a harvest share program is a wonderful way to buy local and help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. A commitment to community-supported agriculture (CSA) is a commitment to local food diversity and sustainable farming practices, as well as to eating fresh, wholesome, delicious food.
With a CSA harvest share program, you pay in and then, during the season, receive a bounty of handpicked produce on a regular basis—usually once or twice a week—thus helping to provide the farmer with funding to engage in more labor-intensive small-scale farming that’s healthier for the environment and healthier for you.
The Benefits of CSA Harvest-Sharing
>A better economic model

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Buying local, credit yourself on making the choice where everybody wins!

What does it mean to buy local? I didn’t learn about it until last summer. Over the past decade big chained supermarkets were my stops for groceries. Global warming and environmental pollution all were concepts I had in mind yet without knowing about many things that can be done to prevent them, except for recycling. I used to think recycling was the only thing I can do to protect the earth; I am not a scientist, I am not a teacher, I am not an environment official; I have done my part protecting the earth.

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How please your eco-hipster sweetheart? Some last minute ideas!

St Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine historically commemorates, depending on sources, either Lupercalia (archaic roman rite connected to fertility) or numerous Christian martyrs named Valentine who participated in love affairs resolutions.
Since early 19th century, this famous 14th of February celebrates romantic love so lovers typically exchange love letters, gifts and almost red roses, where red symbolizes passion. Briefly, it has become an event really (too?) commercial focused.
By the way, you want to celebrate with your *Apollon*? Good idea, but why not introducing some “green” around it? Here are some proposals for enjoying your Valentine time!
First, concerning the place for sharing dinner and pleasant time, I think you’ve got 2 main choices:

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A Sustainable Valentine's Day for Everyone

Valentine’s Day evokes a combination of opinions, emotions and conflict normally saved for religion, politics and banking. While there are those that spend weeks planning a perfect day for their loved one, there are just as many, if not more that huddle up as couples hiding from the balloons, cupids and PDA gone rampant; of course there is also the group that is ostracized for being single on a day of coupling.

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