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Have you tried the five minute shower challenge?

If you watch the news or read the newspaper you will learn about the terrible drought in California. This is the fourth year California is in a severe drought. California Governor Jerry Brown announced a drought State of Emergency in January 2015 and ordered strict conservation measures statewide. On May 5, 2015 California water regulators ordered tough restrictions on residents' use of water. Californians are required to cut their water usage up to 35 percent or they will face harsh fines under proposed new rules. The drought is a very serious issue, at every corner there are signs reminding Californians to conserve water. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has started the 'Brown is the New Green' campaign, which reminds residents to save water and let their lawns go brown. In La Canada Flintridge, California, a sign posted roadside reminds drivers of the Water Conservation Alert Status. There are also TV commercials, which remind Californians of the drought and inform the viewers of water conservation alternatives. For instance, there is commercial which tells California residents to use a broom to clean their driveway instead of using a water hose. Californians are trying their hardest to conserve water; many people are thinking of creative new ways to save water. Some California residents decided to have their home swimming pools removed.

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