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Give or get stuff for free and reduce your footprint

How many of the products in your home do you use on a regular basis? Think about kitchen equipment, orphaned phone chargers, furniture in your attic or basement, … Lots of people hoard stuff that they will never touch again, until the day they dispose of it. Stop the cycle before that final stage, by freecycling.

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A Very Veggie Valentine’s - Love Your Planet and Your Partner

Whether you like it or not, the commercialized ‘Day of Love’ is soon to be upon us. Valentine’s Day does not hold the same sentiments it once did. There are many religious stories about the origins of Saint Valentine that mainly stem from the rituals practiced by Romans in order to ensure fertility. The romantic element to Valentine’s Day arose hundreds of years later in France and England where February 14th was commonly believed to be the first day of birds’ mating season. It has since spiralled into a commercial moneymaking opportunity but despite this, the significance remains; to show (even more) appreciation and love for your partner.

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Reducing your carbon footprint at home through reuse

Beyond reducing your consumption of resources and energy, the next best lifestyle strategy for decreasing your impact to help slow climate change is to reuse as much as possible. To find the carbon savings of reusing a particular item rather than throwing it in the trash, numerous factors must be considered – and it can get pretty complicated.

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Buying Chocolate for V-Day? Buy Eco-friendly Organic Chocolate

It is almost Valentine’s day !!! What are you planning on getting your Valentine ??? Chocolate? Of course you have to get them chocolate because when you think Valentine’s Day you think chocolate and ALOT of it. However have you ever thought about what you are supporting when you buy chocolate; such as, child slavery in the chocolate industry or unsustainable farming methods?? In this article I will be talking about child labor and unsustainable farming methods in the chocolate industry. I will also be talking about how regular and organic chocolate is made and I have a list of eco-friendly organic chocolate options with links to the companies which carry the product.
Child Labor

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Planting Your Dollar: Impact Investing AND Saving

Let’s start this article off with an overview of a trend that has recently been on my mind: impact investing.
First, what is it?
The traditional role of investment hasn’t changed here. Investments are intended to preserve and grow capital. However, other goals are introduced when investing in companies with environmentally and socially progressive policies and products. Investors shift their assessments from only monetary performance to a broader perspective termed the Triple Bottom Line,.

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A Thriving Gift Economy in Vancouver

Vancouver is consistently rated near the top of many respectable lists for most desireable or highest quality of life cities in the world (ranked 5 th in 2014 by Mercer [1]). While its diverse culture is a standard offering in major Canadian cities, the awe inspiring nature at its doorstep is what sets it apart from the rest.
Meanwhile, Vancouver was also recently ranked the most expensive city to live in in Canada [2] and second in housing unaffordability in the world, after Hong Kong [3].

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How to Have a Green BBQ

One of the best parts of summer is grilling on the BBQ. But the question is, which BBQ technic is better for the environment? Charcoal or Propane?
Charcoal Facts
If you love to use charcoal for your cookout, read this and find out what charcoal does to the environment. When you have a cookout using charcoal it takes a lot of time to get a charcoal grill going. Charcoal is dirtier than gas but it comes from renewable resources.

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Reducing the number of cars in our driveway, do the pros outweigh the cons?

Do you actually need two-three cars in your garage? Or your family might easily survive with one car as well? Those of you who currently have two or more than two cars, have you ever thought about sharing a car or downsizing to just one. Many of you who have more than two cars in your family, how much you drive all of your cars. I have seen people who hardly ever drive their second car. It’s usually just sit there for days or even weeks at a time without being used in their garage or parking lots.

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