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My big fat green wedding

Green weddings? Really? Aren't there bigger issues to think about? Maybe, but did you know that there are over two million weddings a year in the United States alone. According to the, each one of those weddings includes an average of 150 guests and produces an average of 62 tons of carbon dioxide and 400 to 600 pounds of garbage. That's over 120 million tons of carbon dioxide and over one billion pounds of garbage each and every year in the U.S. alone. I'd say that's a pretty big issue!

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More Reusable, More Local! My Green New Year's Resolutions

Over the years, I’ve created, and broken, my fair share of resolutions. Many of these had to do with my personal well-being; lose weight, be more sociable, as well as live a healthier and more active lifestyle. The usual resolutions.
This year I wanted to change it up. I still have my typical resolutions, but I also have resolutions to help me achieve a greener and more eco-friendly lifestyle. By (hopefully) sticking to these resolutions and achieving these goals, I can make a permanent change to my lifestyle, one that will not affect me, but the world around me as well. While these 3 resolutions may seem like simple, minor tasks, I feel as though by committing myself to these, I can make my own impact, big or small.
No More Plastic Bags

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The quickest and easiest things we could change to start reducing our carbon footprint in 2015

Green New Years resolutions can be significant.  Here is how my family goes about it.  First my husband and I have to agree on the goal.  Since we are a household, it does no good if I say that we are going to stop using paper towels when my husband will just go and buy more. If it is something that needs to be accomplished together then it’s time to call a family meeting.  Once we all agreed on a goal we make sure it is not so big that we never get around to it.  So let's say my goal is to reduce the household carbon footprint by 20%.  On first look, I don't even know what that means, let alone how to go about doing it, this goal needs to be scaled back in doable steps.  In January, my goal might be to list the quickest, easiest things we can change.

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New Year’s Resolution: Buying Local! So easy to do in Florida...

More and more consumers are realizing that it does not make sense buying produce that comes from thousands of miles away, only to find out that it does not taste as good as it looks. From chefs to school districts, the buy local mentality is finally sinking in. Restaurants are starting to source their meat and produce from local farmers, improving the quality of the food they provide while supporting local economy. This movement is known as farm-to-table. School districts around the country are also adopting programs that put emphasis on local sourcing through their farm-to-school programs. Fortunately for the environment, this saves thousands of miles of travel each year, which means less fuel consumption, and less harm to the environment.

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