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Ways to use and consume less energy at home

Consume energy efficiently is one of the main ways that we have to fight global change. Most of the times we think on drive less and take public transport more often but, there are also a lot of things that we can do at our home. The following tips are not hard to make and will be a valuable tool against global warming, besides save some money (lots of this tips are free and won't cost you anything):
Heat and cool your house
-Drawn curtains over windows, it will help to insulate the room.
-Install a programmable thermostat; you will be able to turn it down when no one is home and at night. Other solution is to drop the temperature a little bit, according some studies, one degree less could save you more than 60$ per year.
-Give space to radiators, trying not putting any couch or furniture in front of them, so will expand the heat all over the room
-Replace air filters in air conditioners and heaters periodically.
-Install ceiling fan, which requires less energy than air conditioner.
Save Water
-Don't bath, just take a shower, it's cheaper and fast.
-When you are taking a shower, use your plug, don't run the tap while you need hot water because it's a waste of energy. Try also to reduce time off shower, According some E.ON studies, cutting your time by 1-2 minutes you can save 20$ per year.

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