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What's your impact?

Around the world the weather is changing. This change may be good for a few places but for most this change is for the worse, much worse. Some people like to pretend that climate change is not happening or that the changes that are happening are a part of the normal cycle of nature.

The reality of the matter is that the vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is real, it is causing very visible climate changes around the world and more importantly that this is not being forced by natural causes but is the result of our activities.1, 2, 3, 4 ,5

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After you have accepted the facts about climate change, your next question might be:

How are my everyday actions affecting climate change?

Here at, we have developed an online calculator to help you estimate the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that were produced by your everyday actions. You don't have to fill out every section but the more information you give the more you can learn about your impact on climate change.

After this, visit our What can I do? section that lists 5 easy things you can do as an individual to lower your emissions and reduce your impact on climate change in a significant way everyday!

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